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The ceramic basin is dirty and yellow, what shall I do?

The ceramic basin is dirty and yellow, what shall I do?

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Ceramic washbasin, toilet wash basin which ware is the modern urban people living in the most common necessities of life, all belong to the ceramic sanitary ware, bathroom wash basin such as sanitary ware, after a period of time will be yellow, no matter how you wash, looks are dirty, but they are a must with every day, make people feel uncomfortable, actually like the ceramic wash basin can be restored to the white, make you feel comfortable. Here and Xiaobian together, take a look at these small coup, let basin new look

The method is very simple, only need a small amount of salt and turpentine mixed into a paste, coated ceramic washbasin, for 15 minutes, then wipe clean wet sponge, yellow white porcelain will be able to instantly restore white appearance. Not only bathrooms, washbasin, as long as it belongs to ceramic ware, in this regard, may wish to try this method!

Including the faucet toilet wash basin above it is possible to use salt to clean Oh, when you feel the faucet dull for you, you can also use the same amount of salt, vinegar, flour and stir into a paste, coated with a soft cloth, waiting for 1 hours, erase, the faucet can restore light. And sprinkle a little salt on the copper decorations, and then sponge clean, you can play the role of polishing

Precautions for ceramic basin

1, usually clean: Porcelain appearance soft, brush hair or sponge with neutral detergent cleaning, but must not be hot water flushing or directly to the hot water, lest basin split. To use a basin to hold water, put cold water in it first, and put hot water in it to avoid scalding.

2. Change the bad habit of placing objects on the basin.

3, the basin above the make-up board on a larger size or heavier weight of daily necessities, please install lockers, in order to facilitate the collection of daily necessities, to avoid placing on the make-up board.

If you have such a situation at home, you can try these small coup, the following small series for you recommend several easy to use cleaning products, so that the basin new look

Basin soda cleaning agent

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Japan imported soda cleaning agent, professional clean liquid is alkaline, can neutralize acidic oil, specific permeability factor, the instant collapse of stains, rapid decontamination; the use of natural ingredients, will not be a burden on human and nature, the maximum use less chemicals;

Shield King cleaning agent


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A caulking agent in the hand, the home sanitary ware instantaneous new look.  The filling agent can effectively waterproof, antifouling, painted in  the sanitary ware gap, after freezing and cleaning with the ground ware,  convenient and quick. Colorful, a variety of colors can be selected, handsome and generous. Easy to scrub, green, tile gap is no longer dirty.

Shield King cleaning agent

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This cleaning power is really strong, the bathroom basin on the dirt, juice stains are wiped out, and the floor tiles are also very clean dirt. After using the same feeling, refurbished, and environmentally friendly, no smell, do not hurt the surface of the sanitary ware.

Bathroom fittings, gap brush

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High quality plastic, durable, non-toxic and tasteless. Suitable for cleaning bathroom kitchen ware, basin; multi function design, three kinds of brush bristles, grey hard for cleaning dirt, white brush used for cleaning the concavo convex groove gap and the end of blue fur for cleaning plastic products etc..

In addition to mold gel Basin

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The inside of the mold gap basin sometimes is not completely  clean, because the mildew products can not deep into the tile gap, so  you can try this basin in addition to the gap in the gel, face a  squeeze, it can penetrate and thoroughly remove mildew.

Descaling agent


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Want to clean the dirty basin gap, basin cleaner is certainly  necessary, this basin cleaner is very good, this detergent cleaning  ability is specially strong, but will not damage the surface of the  basin, you deserve.