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Bathroom cabinet maintenance, the most comprehensive Raiders

Bathroom cabinet maintenance, the most comprehensive Raiders

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When  it comes to the bathroom cabinet has about a bathroom cabinet, surface  material can be divided into natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof  board, paint, glass, metal and wood; the substrate is the main bathroom  cabinets, it is covered by surface materials. Substrate is the bathroom cabinet quality and price determinants.  Bathroom furniture is a leading role in the Home Furnishing decoration,  is one of the three large bathroom, bathroom cabinets in the long-term  moisture in the bathroom, it is easy to breed bacteria, so the bathroom  cabinet maintenance is particularly important for the maintenance method  below introduce four points of bathroom cabinet. 


Stone porcelain surface - blind cleaning, configuration, use of soft water care

Artificial stone / natural stone and ceramic are commonly used in bathroom cabinet. When cleaning, the corresponding cleaning agent and cleaning method should be chosen according to the variety and environment of stone and ceramic and the main pollution sources. If we do not understand the specific situation and the blind use of cleaning agents, stone damage, deterioration, yellowing, black and other consequences. Daily use porcelain stone bathroom cabinet to try to use soft water allocation, avoid hard water leaving deposits in stone, ceramic surface. In order to further conserve the bathroom cabinet with stone and ceramic as the surface material, we can also use the permeable stone protective agent for regular maintenance. Besides, the bathroom counter surface made of natural stone can be polished periodically.yushiguibaoyang2

Solid wood surface - anti cracking deformation, dry and wet separation is better

The wood as the bathroom cabinet bathroom now is a frequent visitor to the bathroom first to prevent chapped wood deformation, maintenance, cleaning agent, using diluted wet cotton cloth along the wood texture often wipe inside. Environmental wood bathroom cabinets to bathroom between the relatively stringent requirements, namely dry separation, showers and other regional best separate weekday, avoid direct sunlight, to prevent deformation and cracking, local film local wood discoloration. Cabinet put cleaning supplies, plastic pad a layer below the best cleaning convenient pad or small towel.yushiguibaoyang3

PVC, acrylic surface material - beware of material softening, timely cleaning is very important

PVC bathroom cabinet by using PVC materials, the waterproof performance is strong and popular, but PVC itself to beware of material softening deformation, so the PVC bathroom cabinet weekdays should be far away from 70 temperature above the heat source, avoid long time retained water on the table, all the benzene solvents and resin solvent cleaning agent for panel for a long time, otherwise will be deformed. Acrylic bathroom products are the most popular bathroom materials in recent years, in fact, acrylic is organic glass. Acrylic bathroom cabinet must be clean, especially the bathroom cabinet connected with wash basin, otherwise difficult to clean the bathroom cabinet life scale damage. In addition, the acrylic material is more difficult to resist the erosion of paint and some organic solvents, if organic solvents contaminated surface, should pay attention to timely processing.


Metal material - corrosion, do not use sharp surface cleaning materials

Metal bathroom cabinets are rare, mainly stainless steel bathroom cabinets and magnesium alloy bathroom cabinets.  Corrosion prevention of metal materials is the primary focus of  maintenance, metal bathroom cabinets do not pry the surface of metal  decoration materials, to avoid the use of wire, ball and other sharp  materials and corrosive liquid cleaning metal surface.  If there is a stain on the metal surface of the bathroom cabinet, it  can be scraped lightly with thin bamboo pieces, and then cleaned with  vinegar and cotton. No sharp tools such as blades can be used to prevent  the metal layer from being damaged.  See the article, you have to how to maintain the bathroom cabinet at  home to have a general understanding of it, you can easily learn to fix  the bathroom cabinet maintenance work at home, let the home bathroom  cabinet and longer life.