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4 bathroom renovation space to expand a little trick

4 bathroom renovation space to expand a little trick

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Space is limited problem area facing small apartment decoration often plagues many people, but in the interior design and decoration and construction fully consider the reasonable use of space will make your bathroom space look more spacious. The following four aspects tone, storage, mirrors, lighting and ventilation analysis of how to expand the area visually.

As we all know, the biggest problem facing small apartment decorated floor space is limited, so the interior design and decoration and construction, must fully consider the rational use of space.

Step one: unified tone

Colorful colors though beautiful but small space will undoubtedly become more crowded, and white, light blue, yellow and other bright colors, have the effect of expanded horizons. So it might be the bathroom (toilet renovation renderings) is replaced by a uniform light-colored shades, which can effectively expand the area visually. If you feel too monotonous, you can work on the wall waistline, sleek pattern waist is a good choice.

Step Two: Location-demand placed

Most of the traditional Big Three is next to the main bathroom wall in order of priority, but for a small space, it may seem more crowded, even placed high. For the small bathroom, it need not so law-abiding. Toilet (toilet renovation renderings) does not necessarily need to rely on in the middle of the wall, as in the two walls of the corner can be used normally. Similarly, Bath also be elongated selected according to size of the space, square or round.

The third step: increasing the space mirror

Use large glass mirror "transform" bathroom, can be placed on both sides of a large mirror, wall-standing, side slant and set, not only cover the upstairs tenants sewer, but also a small space full of changes, there is layering. Reflecting a large area of the glass, enough to produce the Bathroom "expand" the visual effects. Step Four: lighting and ventilation is very important.

Bathroom very sensitive to a small area of dark, the original is not much space will look more narrow. As a result, the bathroom is good lighting is particularly important. As the use of frosted glass partition walls, can make the light wanton flowing, increasing the sense of space permeability, it may well be a good way to expand the visual effects.