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Midea, Haier has done a smart bathroom there who will come

Midea, Haier has done a smart bathroom there who will come

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"United States and Wei Diya jointly develop smart cover, Haier and the Japanese Institute was established JRM cover research and development laboratory research." Smart cover fire for a year and no signs of cooling, but more and more lively, even lead the appliance "tiger." Midea and Haier, the two giants have come across a foot, Philips, Glanz and Gree to enter the smart bathroom rumor is flying. Panasonic, nine, animal husbandry and constant cleaning, etc. have to seize the opportunities in the smart bathroom sector enterprises, the same action again and again, you hit a shot, I put a gun, climaxes. Smart bathroom this arena in the future for a long period of time will not calm.

First, the United States hand Diya develop smart cover

In mid-November, sources said, appliance giant Midea Group and Xiamen have "bathroom accessories King" Diya reached cooperation, with the development of the smart cover. The current development covers a total of three, the United States officially reached the smart bathroom areas. Meanwhile, the United States has set up a special division of the kitchen, in addition to the smart cover, the showers, faucets and floor drain, and other products are also integrated in the United States has been renovated hall bathroom Shunde good, next year will be officially launched. "Big Tiger" has finally come. In fact, the United States into the bathroom to the message has been passed a few years, it is rumored that in 2013 the United States to acquire Faenza bathroom news uproar, Faenza bathroom rise even come out "rumor." This time, the rumor has finally become a reality, the United States finally came. The United States has come, as the tiger came as people "nervous." Smart cover a responsible person even bluntly: "! Beauty is smart bathroom big tiger, big trouble," "America's do the smart cover, we should pay close attention to" a few months ago, another big brother in the bathroom. internal micro-channel group messages.

Why the United States makes "fear"?

Beauty in the appliance industry has a title - "home appliances Enemies", in the appliance industry, often talk about the United States and discoloration. Early years, the United States to a full range of gestures like bulldozers rapidly to scratch the entire appliance industry, record sturdy. Such as the war's answer Galanz microwave ovens, air conditioning Battle stealing Gree, Haier encirclement battle of refrigerators, washing machines, nine positive Soymilk battle storm, etc., and finally to the United States ended a successful host.

Inside the United States, there is an iron law of: each product line must maintain a 30% annual growth rate, if a category do the top three industries in three years, will soon be abandoned. Its purpose is to allow other companies to do the test the water industry segments, until the technology is mature, the market good time, the United States spent great efforts to use the money to hit the market. US strategy in the smart bathroom will not be exactly the same?

Obviously, the relative beauty of technology, channels and service networks, and other advantages, we are more worried about is the price of beauty sturdy style. When the drum washing machine product price is 3,000 yuan, when the US price of a drum washing machine dry directly to 1499 yuan, the opponent can not parry. Current smart cover price has fallen below 1,000 yuan, after the United States came in the smart cover price will continue to go down?

US release of 2014 results announcement shows that in 2014 the US group achieved a total revenue of more than 141.6 billion yuan, an increase of 17%, net profit of 10.5 billion yuan, an increase of 44%. The deep pockets of strength in the United States, will play in the smart cover "price butcher" role? After smashing down two or three million of it the United States, can not break my bones, may seize the strategic high ground and then adjust pricing strategy, As the home appliance industry play.

It is said that the United States and the development of smart cover, in function to do subtraction, only a few common features, extra features are cut off. "The United States believes that the current smart cover some of the features are redundant, consumers rarely use, and features more likely to cause unstable product quality. Beauty is to be effective, the product is not necessarily the best, but the price must is the highest. "United States, a person kitchen division when it comes to progress, said US intelligence cover.

The sources, US intelligence covers not only offline spreading, will spread online. The United States can make use of the original channels of "line, Wal-Mart, Suning, Gome and other super will go in, the United States will also open up new avenues kitchen. On-line, the US home appliances have been selling well, the cover will follow on, and strive to achieve the top few. "

Second, Haier jointly set up R & D laboratories in Japan JRM

In early December, Haier Information Technology JRM Japan jointly set up a joint research and development laboratory, Institute, announced its entry into the smart bidet (smart toilet cover) industry, the first product jointly developed by Haier Wei Xi V-118CS will be available in December. Meanwhile, Haier Information Technology and Ningbo Shun Jiezhi can bath at December 10 also held a signing ceremony, the two sides reached a strategic cooperation agreement with installation and maintenance services.

Haier come, what is the concept? First look at last year's performance of Haier. 2014, Haier global turnover of 200.7 billion yuan, an increase of 11%, profit 15 billion yuan, an increase of 39%, profit growth is three times the revenue growth, while online transactions to achieve 54.8 billion yuan, an increase of 2391 percent.

A conservative estimate of a single smart bathroom sales companies in about 200 million yuan on sales of individual sanitary enterprises (including multi-brand enterprises and OEM business) maximum not more than 6 billion yuan, the amount of Bi Haier's body, too far behind. In front of the home appliance giant Haier, smart cover difficult issues faced by enterprises, perhaps not a big problem.

The technical level. Although the domestic smart bathroom started too late, but technically is clearly a lack of precipitation, this point from product sampling and "quality gates" frequently can be confirmed. Even the "big" business smart bathroom products, the same drain was broke even fire incident, not to mention the small business products. Haier's product line involves refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters and kitchen electric products, the technological content of these products will be lower than the smart cover. In other words, the smart cover art for the home appliance giant, not really problems. This is the Haier came to OEM-based smart cover enterprises are an important reason for tension.

Funding levels. The costs of developing a smart cover in several hundred thousand to over one million dollars, to develop 20 models that cost twenty million or more. Smart sanitary enterprises, is heavily pen, which is also an important reason for domestic smart bathroom hinder business development. But for revenues 200 billion, profits of 15 billion home appliance giant Haier, as long as it is willing, this is not matter.

Channels and services. Two smart bathroom business particularly severe headache, Haier home appliance giants such beauty, it is not really the problem. Smart bathroom advance an important reason for the slow pace is that service can not keep, accustomed to the toilet, faucets and bathroom cabinets and other products dealing with dealers, utilities combined intelligence products, the sale is a problem, often have to rely on the manufacturers. Haier most commendable Qiaqia its service system.

Of course, as the domestic appliance giant Haier beauty eyeing certainly not just "smart bathroom, but aimed at the smart home, this is the figure they want to" cause ", smart bathroom just one ring. In fact, Haier has long been involved in the field of intelligent home. It is understood that, as early as 2004, Haier-led establishment of the "home networking standard industrial alliance", and escalation and by a large number of industry standards and national standards. Founded in March of this year, Haier "U + wisdom of life" open platform, has been into the 2.0 stage, Haier wants to living room, kitchen, bathroom and other intelligent product integration to get through, smart bathroom just Haier to integrate one of the forum.

Philips, Galanz and other diagnostic smart bathroom

Probably one day in August, purchasing manager of Galanz products in Foshan, with a responsible person enterprise specializing in the production of smart cover exchange, to explore the possibility of cooperation. The Smart Cover charge of personnel after a smile: "Can not play with them, they are hard, it work with them, they reveal all the details to be sooner or later."

Recently there is news that the production of lighting, household appliances, medical systems and other products based international giant Philips also thoroughly smart bathroom, has Zhejiang smart bathroom manufacturers and stakeholders Philips contact. There are even rumors, Gree also understand smart bathroom.

Midea, Haier, Philips and Gree are one hundred billion enterprise, even if Galanz is nearly one hundred billion giant, these giants have to enter the "tepid" smart bathroom? In fact, they want to attempt much more than smart bathroom, the real game is the smart home, smart bathroom is just one area.

In recent years, the smart home market is flourishing trend, including Haier, Gree, represented by the traditional vendors and millet, music television, Meizu is representative of the Internet vendors are scrambling to enter the field, intelligent home appliance giants became the new expectations Blue Ocean. At the same time, relative to other home appliances category, especially large appliances in the doldrums, the kitchen industry's performance this year is still high light. There are data that the first eight months of the domestic kitchen industry retail sales of RMB 100, an increase of 11.1%, this new category smart bathroom growth is even more eye-catching, far higher than the overall level of the home appliance industry.

Encirclement of various factors, eyeing smart bathroom piece of "meat" has been more than the United States, such as home appliances Haier "tiger", the traditional kitchen electric chiefs same tempted to move. October 22, held in Shanghai, "2015 China market, high-end kitchen Summit", Haier, Vantage, million and, BSH, Fang Wo boss, etc., together discussed the current situation and the trend of high-end kitchen industry. They will join the smart bathroom camp? In what way will enter?

Traditional businesses have moves placeholder smart bathroom

Smart bathroom "one hundred billion" market capacity, attracted such giants the United States and Haier. For them coming within the bathroom industry, there are two arguments. One is the "big tiger" theory, that "home appliances faction" of intervention will change the pattern of smart bathroom; one is the "paper tiger" theory, that the sanitary industry has its own peculiarities, "cross-border robbery" can not afford to lift big waves .

But it is undeniable, Midea and Haier giants to enter, with their powerful, smart bathroom market cultivation and development of the intelligent bathroom has a role. For most traditional bathroom companies and dealers, it may not have a great impact on the production or the production of toilet toilet, the faucet sell, or continue to sell taps.

But for the same aim smart bathroom bathroom giants, "tiger" into the perhaps not so simple, but also all of a sudden to a few large tiger. In fact, the traditional bathroom giants already based on their location, their moves, began to scramble in the rivers and lakes in the smart bathroom. Panasonic, nine, animal husbandry and constant cleaning, etc. have been smart bathroom sector to seize the opportunities of sanitary enterprises, the same action again and again recently.

1, Panasonic borrow CCTV vocal

December 16, to show his face again Panasonic CCTV's "economic and a half hours," so that the Panasonic CCTV lens production workshop and production lines "exposure", while, with CCTV's voice said: Just past the "double eleven" Panasonic Smart toilet cover sales of nearly twenty thousand, date, in 2015 the company sold a total of Japan's Matsushita toilet cover 250,000 units, an increase of 400%. In addition, Panasonic has integrated smart bathroom ceramic body, the product line will be extended to one machine.

2, jiumu reached Silicon Valley

December 17, jiumu kitchen across the sea to the United States held a "strategic wisdom bathroom and new conference," published in "Reou Smart Box" as the control center of new products, including a rain shower, the first Five high-end smart toilet G5, mirror on the wall. And held a "Silicon Valley Institute bathroom jiumu wisdom," the listing ceremony in Silicon Valley, to establish a new high-end international image.

3, constant cleaning pushing cover 999

Heng Jie Bo, Shenzhen Holdings (domestic professional smart R & D enterprise), after the integration of products, the country pushed "Hang Jie Ji-yai 999" activities. From October 25, the original price of 1999 yuan of intelligent toilet cover, selling only 999 yuan. Constant cleaning and Bo, are in product quality is known, after the two together, directly to the part of the intelligence pulled the cover price of 1,000 yuan. Tough reached home appliance giant, giant bathroom accelerated scramble. Smart bathroom rivers and lakes, the water is calm, underwater wave and current undercurrents in the future for a long period of time will not calm.