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Home Standard Year: smart bathroom Can foresight?

Home Standard Year: smart bathroom Can foresight?

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Looking back in 2015, to the history of the most stringent "environmental law" January 1st marked the official implementation, opened China's domestic industry "standard years." December 1 "water-saving sanitary ware," the official implementation of the "environmental law" a one, the home industry, especially the bathroom industry into a more standardized the fast lane. During this period, as well as new, "Advertising Law", "product quality supervision and inspection of substandard products manufacturer reprocessing work rules" and other standards or regulations in succession purposes, from more segments of the level to the bathroom industry spoke the magic spell.

However, the bathroom companies now more concerned that in 2015 the sudden emergence of smart bathroom especially smart toilet, standard still in their infancy, although in contrast, after all the dust undecided. This reporter has learned that many people thought it was something new smart toilet cover, in fact, has been developed in China for nearly 20 years, but the market opportunity for a large outbreak now come. Since China has been smart bathroom lack of standards in the field, so in 2015 the State Council for review of "intelligent sanitary standards and norms", has become the home of people are concerned about the standard big hits.

Market Illuminati, after the standard sleep

No standard no standards, the development of Chinese smart bathroom must call industry standards, however, the road to standardization in the areas of home always seem to "belated" market Illuminati, after standard sleep. For example, in 2015 the smart toilet lid boom, before making the figurines from the beginning of Wu Xiaobo, overstating the national level subject to during the two sessions, the smart toilet cover the event has continued to ferment more than a year, is still not brake the car. During that despite the "intelligent sanitary standards and norms" to be introduced early last year the news is well known, but the year has been cross, yet the floor, which means that standardization of the road China is smart bathroom market Illuminati, after standard sleep.

However, reporters gather information to display, there are a number of industry associations, research institutes and enterprises to actively participate in GB bath formulation. "Water-saving sanitary ware" standard December 1, 2015 formally implemented, that is, by the National Standardization Technical Committee building and sanitary ceramics, building and sanitary ceramics National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, led constant clean bathroom and other industry leaders involved in the drafting. Also the above-mentioned institutions and enterprises drafting of a "sanitary ceramics" GB, also will be formally implemented October 10, 2016.

In contrast, early in 2015 he declared that "the introduction is expected during the year," the "smart sanitary standards and norms" has not yet been introduced. Inevitable that somewhat disappointed sanitary sector, is still highly anticipated collective. According to an authoritative interpretation of the State Council for review of "intelligent sanitary standards and norms" will break the ceramic and electrical industry standard two barriers, reference the original ceramic national standards and integrate into the indicators standard electronic hardware products, integration of smart bathroom in production tailored to the actual situation of respect, will be formally implemented effectively boosting the healthy development of Chinese smart bathroom.


Smart sanitary standards, along with large enterprises go Market Illuminati, that is business Illuminati, Language market the first line of bathroom large enterprises, always foresight. Standards or lack of them, the bathroom large enterprises only reference to foreign standards, or according to their own established standards of production enterprises. For example, "efficient water-saving toilets," the national standard of ceramic sanitary ware and plumbing products Quality Supervision Center and other institutions through accreditation, that is the constant clean bathroom of corporate standards. This is just a standard water-saving aspects, not the standard of intelligence. But it is worth mentioning that companies take the initiative to develop the implementation of sanitary standards more stringent than the international and national standards.

According to the reporter, China in particular, intelligent smart bathroom toilet standard, is currently followed by a large business to go. Since 2015, the field of smart toilet "that hot" and "thermal storage" of the dispute, which is the most typical example.

According to the status of China's smart toilet market development, as well as domestic water quality more cases containing impurities, in the end it should be temporarily encouraged Conventional thermal storage, or step to stimulate more advanced technology that is hot? In this regard, smart bathroom industry have different perspectives on "the tank easy to breed bacteria" problem, has caused widespread concern of consumers, until during the 20th Shanghai International Kitchen & Bath Show last June, constant clean bathroom toilet with six fourth-generation smart upgrade redefine the smart toilet standard, be considered basically reached a consensus: Tankless superior thermal storage. This consensus, which is a standard smart toilet go along with big business results. Currently, all of the smart toilet thermal storage, belong to improve or upgrade from an earlier technology.


Standard did not stand, universal advance

2015, smart toilet as China's high-end home life people "darling", has rushed to unite a lot of popularity. This is a universal hot smart toilet of the year, its biggest gain is to make smart toilet really touched people, focusing the attention of consumers. In such favorable market conditions instigation, the strength of bathroom companies are naturally unwilling to wait for the standard, so smart toilet market "standard did not stand, universal first" phenomenon, which is almost inevitable development of the market.

Read about several large smart bathroom incident occurred in the field in 2015, the industry can understand the popularity of smart toilet impulse: July whether China Ceramic Industry Association smart bathroom club formation, or October Constant clean bathroom Zhiai 999 Smart Toilet Seat fully experience sweeping action terminal, or is China Household Electrical Appliances Association smart bathroom appliances professional committee set up on October 9 with the aim, invariably point to improve China smart bathroom penetration.

Standard did not stand, universal first, the market for smart toilet is undoubtedly gratifying situation, because it is a foresight, but this is only the market level of foresight, it is still only in accordance Laiheng Jie and several other big companies dominate the bathroom. As some as standard rear vision industry insiders, to a certain extent, the popularity of smart bathroom dragged back. Perhaps, it is because the market after the Illuminati standard sleep, only led to the industry's collective thinking about this bathroom: smart bathroom of the development of China in the end is the industry standard is more important, or more important admission criteria?


Quality assurance, access standards is more important? 

The idea that China smart bathroom now the most urgent need is not only the industry standard, as well as admission criteria. Because the current home environment mouthing, smart toilet is one of the few bright spots, not only the size of the bathroom toilet companies have promoted smart strategic focus, other areas of giants "cross-border robbery" message also frequently heard, the rapid expansion of the battle group, size warlord uprisings, to avoid vicious competition, discern fish in troubled waters of the South Guo, access standards seem to be more important than the industry standard.

In other words, the smart toilet market hot, desperate intervenors filed, and quality assurance may become a big problem. In fact, in 2015 the sanitary quality problem often found in newspapers, on September 25 the Shanghai Bureau of Quality Supervision sample of 10 batches of smart toilet has two batches of substandard, November 24 Guangzhou Inspection and Quarantine detected four batches import smart toilet lid there are two batches of substandard, Huangdao district of Qingdao City Inspection and Quarantine also sampling the nine batches imported intelligent toilet cover, yet there are seven batches failed.

It is understood that, as early as in 2013 that is the national launch of the "building and sanitary ceramics industry access standards", but smart bathroom areas without such access standards. Of course, in 2015 the domestic industry not only point to a variety of standards or norms green, and more concerned about the quality. For example, on July 1, the State Administration of Quality Supervision issued "product quality supervision and inspection of substandard products manufacturer reprocessing work rules" official purposes, is designed to urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility for product quality. Chinese smart bathroom in the spring just arrived, too early to say the reshuffle, but the huge space for development is about a thousand men lure has been inevitable melee. To guide and promote the development of healthy competition, there must be standards to regulate and escort, but some people say, the standardization of the road home industry seems always belated, this time, after the market perception of the Illuminati standard smart bathroom, I do not know whether the pace go far a little faster?