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Toilet cover and other consumer goods included quality regulatory focus

Toilet cover and other consumer goods included quality regulatory focus

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A small toilet lid, let the product quality Chinese manufactured by the unprecedented attention in 2015. In 2016, it is likely to become a fulcrum force regulators to Forced enterprise technological progress, accelerate domestic consumer product quality and safety standards with international standards or export standards merged promote the export products, "the same line with standard homogeneous."

In today's meeting of the national quality supervision, inspection and quarantine work meeting, AQSIQ Zhi Shuping in his report revealed that in 2016, quality control system will be highlighted for air purifiers, rice cookers, intelligent toilet cover and other people are generally concerned about the 10 kinds of consumer goods, the use of a variety of quality control measures, playing the "combination punches", like playing catch, like the Battle of quality improvement.

30 high-quality control protocols into national achievement visit

30 inspection protocol into national Outcomes visit, Chinese apple exports for the first time after 17 years of negotiations the United States, Australia slaughter cattle exported to China for the first time to promote Sino-Thai "rice-for high-speed rail," China and South Korea, "a soup" project landing, ammonia sugar companies EU registration regain economic losses 3 billion yuan ......

This long string, is part of the national quality inspection system 2015 report card, is the "second five" period, inspection reform has moved forward the process of leaving one footprint.

By 2015, China's grasping quality, safety tangible results. According to statistics, to investigate the quality of the national total of 511,000 cases of illegal since the value of 23.9 billion yuan, the National Port interception and detection of harmful organisms, substandard imported goods and food rose 300 percent, respectively, 60% and 110%, returned destroyed 1.46 million tons of genetically modified corn and illegal products, million units of special equipment accident mortality rate dropped to 0.36, a record low.

2015, AQSIQ also give prominence to improve the quality of the four special action. Up to now, the quality of national oversight of product sampling pass rate reached 91.1 percent, Internet sales of products special checks pass rate of 71.3%, the output of non-defective merchandise batch fell 42.7%.

More than 90 percent traced to unqualified plush toys for children

According to Zhi Shuping introduction, in 2015, in the consumer product safety concern, the national quality inspection system supervision proportion increased to more than 60 percent, from 38,000 cases punished, recall of defective cars 5.58 million, which is affected by the defect investigation recall 3.55 million, a new record high.

However, Zhi Shuping in the report also frankly stated that the current level of China's overall quality is not high, still at the low end of the global value chain; quality and safety level of protection is not high, the quality and safety problems still occur.

Especially in terms of quality consumer goods, Zhi Shuping disclosure, according to data provided by the quality supervision department of Hangzhou, product quality supervision and spot checks found that children plush toys was detected failure rate even more than 90%.

To this end he requested, in 2016 to highlight the strengthening of the people are generally concerned about the 10 kinds of consumer goods, quality control, including: air purifiers, rice cookers, intelligent toilet cover, smart phone, children diapers, children's toys, infant and children's clothing, kitchen utensils, bedding, furniture.

The quality and safety of the proposed system of punitive damages

Zhi Shuping pointed out that, in 2016, national quality inspection system to focus on key consumer product quality improvement, product quality and safety to promote the establishment of punitive damages system, establish and improve the quality and safety of consumer goods risk rapid alert system and quality traceability system, strengthen the quality and safety of consumer goods, risk monitoring , supervision and linkage disposal.

He stressed, in particular, to the integrated use of law enforcement crackdown, concentration and control, defective product recall and other means to keep the pressure up quality and safety supervision. In children's products, food-related products, automobile and parts, household appliances, gasoline and diesel as well as e-commerce products, focusing on the establishment of provincial bureau organized system of supervision of major cases, a group focused on investigating the value of large, cross-regional major cases , played prestige, generate awe.

Zhi Shuping requirements, to continue to improve consumer product recall system defect, the scientific development of the recall catalog, and gradually the consumer goods involving personal and property safety of all included in the recall range to children's products, electrical and electronic products, focusing on the investigation of a number of serious shortcomings that may exist consumer goods.

Enterprise quality credit file will be the database

The greatest feature of the quality inspection departments are "relying on technology to law enforcement, with the data speak." However, this "words" There is no weight, integrated use of data is critical. Zhi Shuping pointed out that contradiction is now more prominent, although the data is rich in resources, but each separate information systems, data resources can not be shared, resulting in a large number of "islands of information" "zombie data." This issue has become an obstacle to reform, development and quality control bottlenecks.

For contradictions and problems that currently exist, AQSIQ will focus on the implementation of the "Internet + QC" Plan of Action in 2016. Zhi Shuping requirements, in the first half of this year, the General Administration of the level of concentration of resources to take the lead in data sharing. "The general requirement is that as long as there is business, there must be data sharing principle, do not share is the exception."

It is reported that, in terms of information technology, AQSIQ will establish a national anti-counterfeiting traceability verification common platform to achieve interoperability product quality and traceability, security check authentication, and industry information. At the same time, the country will accelerate the construction of enterprise quality credit file database, carry out the business of credit quality grading and classification management, mutual convergence of domestic enterprises, especially export enterprise quality credit management.